Moving Forward

The writing group I started held its first meeting this afternoon.  I had been trying to get involved in one for a while, but I just haven’t found one.  Luckily, a Facebook plea to my friends generated a couple of interested people.

I know there are online writing groups and discussion boards, but I really enjoy the personal camaraderie of actual people.  More than ten years ago, a handful of coworkers and I would get together once a month and critique each other’s work, and I loved those meetings.  There’s just something about some friends sitting around a dining table or a living room with some beer or wine, talking about writing.

The other thing about meeting people in person for a writing group is blowing off deadlines is a lot more difficult.  There are people showing up to critique my stuff and to hear what I have to say about their stuff.  Someone is there to hold me accountable.

Since I need twenty-five pages of good material for my application (due in October) to the MFA program I’ve chosen, I need those people to hold me accountable.  I’d like to write at least five stories, so I’ll have a variety of work to select my twenty-five pages. My other writing goals for this year? 1) To attend a local writers’ conference and 2) post an entry a day on this site.

That’s the first priority this year — my writing.  In the past, I’ve waited for this or that, but there’s just no reason to wait anymore.


One thought on “Moving Forward

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  1. Yay for your new writer’s group! My writer’s group will be
    celebrating our first anniversary next weekend. I’m with you. Even
    though I love my online critique group, there’s nothing like
    meeting with friends and talking about writing. We conduct our
    meetings potluck-style, so there’s always good food to go with the
    wine. Last month we even had a tea party with loads of sandwiches!
    It was great. I like your blog. I found you through PostADay. I’m
    committing to the insanity too. Good luck with everything. It was
    nice to read you. 🙂


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