12 of 12 Year 6: January 2011

Today, those of you coming from Chad’s site will see Snowpocalypse 2011: Day 3.  Sunday night it started snowing in upstate SC and didn’t stop until Monday afternoon.  Then we got a light sheen of ice on top of our approximately 6.5 inches of snow.  The husband and I decided trying to go to work, but as you’ll soon see, we didn’t get very far before we said, “Frak that!”  Disclaimer: 12 of 12 is the brain child of Chad Darnell.  It’s a cool idea I wish I had thought of!

10:22 am, Ashemore Bridge Road — This bozo is tailing us too close, so I take a picture in case he slides into our back bumper.  Then we could say, “Look he’s an idiot!”

10:36 am, Ashemore Bridge Road — We had turned around at this point and headed back.  This was one of three (!) cars we passed on the same road.

10:37 am, Ashemore Bridge Road — This wasn’t even the worst section of the road.

11:00 am, Home — Taking a before shot of how the deck looks to gauge how much snow melts during the day.  Also, note the time between this photo and the last.  We walked in the door and I took this shot, which means traveling the mile from the point of that shot and this one took 20 minutes… Yeah…

12:15 pm, Home — Lunch.  I rummaged around in the freezer for something I could just microwave.  This is a quiche lorraine by the Nancy’s brand.  Meh… it was edible.

12:18 pm, Home — It’s the Queen of Southern Cooking, y’all!  It’s also entirely possible that I’m addicted to Food Network cooking shows.

2:38 pm, Home — We DVR’d the last five episodes of Caprica, so we had our own finale marathon.  Cinlach thought it was lame, but I thought it was okay.  Not as awesome as Galactica revival, but a lot better than a lot of other crap on TV.

4:31 pm, Home — The “after” shot as the sunlight begins to fade.  Also note the street in the background.  We were supposed to get all this wind along with sunshine today that was supposed to help dry out roads.  I think that kinda fell through.

4:31 pm, Home — Our cat, Loki, saying, “What up, Mom?  You know you wanna take a picture.  I’m too cute.”

5:15 pm, Home — Caprica done.  Now watching this week’s episode of The Good Wife.  I just started watching this a couple of months ago because I kept hearing people rave about it.  Wow… it IS really good.  Plus, I’ve loved Josh Charles since Dead Poets Society.

6:15 pm, Home — Supper.  Cinlach went to help a buddy who just took over a comic books store a couple of weeks ago, and on his way home, he brought home Monterrey.

8:00 pm, Home — I took a picture of Loki, so I had to include Domino. 🙂

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