I know it’s Friday, and I’ve worked only two days this week because of snow, but I’m tired and cranky and PMS-ing.  And I know that’s TMI, but I don’t care!  So tonight, you get some random thoughts going through my head.

  1. Green Hornet I have no desire to see it.  It looks like Seth Rogen’s character from Knocked Up trying to be a superhero.
  2. Ice — Okay, DOT, I understand the interstates were important to keep clear earlier this week, but who’s going to travel the interstate if they can’t GET THERE in the first place.  Hellooooo?  Primary/secondary roads, anyone?
  3. Zitface — I’ve never had much of a problem with acne.  Even as a teenager, I had only a couple pop up around “that time of the month” (TMI alert #2). But I’ve had five… FIVE… appear in the last week — one at the edge of my lower lip (which had Cinlach repeating that I had the “herp-a-derp”), one at the edge of my upper lip, one beside my nose, another just below my nose, and the last one on my chin.  WTF?  If I have to start buying a product hocked by that annoying twit Julianne Hough, I’ll cry.
  4. Venom — Seriously, what is up with my bitchiness, right?
  5. Agenda — I refuse to stay in the house for extended periods of time during daylight hours this weekend.  I will find some errands to run.  Unless, of course, I have cramps.
  6. Writing — I will be posting my Fiction Friday tomorrow.  Yes, on Saturday.  Who wants to make something of it?

Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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