Five Things for Friday, June 1st

1.  June?  Really?  Where is 2012 going?

2.  How is it that a four-day week can go by twice as slowly as a five-day week?

3.  Random act of kindness witnessed this week:  I stood in the pharmacy line at Costco behind two elderly gentleman and a woman around my age.  One of the elderly men had been standing off to the side waiting for his prescription to be filled, and when it’s ready, the doofus pharmacy tech informs the man that it’s done and that he can get back in line to pick it up.  Then Doofus asks who was next, and the woman says she was, but that the man can go in front of her.  Doofus is apparently determined to make this man go to the back of the line until, finally, the woman says flat out, “If his prescription is ready, he can go in front of me.”  Thank you, lady, for doing what this idiot wouldn’t.

4.  The Worn Out Your Welcome Award:  Look, every time you come in here you’re bitching about something you think this school has done to you — the latest infraction being not lining up someone in your field for a mock interview (even though interview practice is always good and you never know if this person might know someone in your field if you’d bother to have a positive attitude and actually attempt to nail the interview).  You never fill out your surveys because you don’t believe in doing so until the very end of the quarter, even though you know you can’t access them after the tenth week.  You interrupt me while I’m helping other students or discussing work stuff with other staff.  And yet, you want me to tell you the next time my friend is hiring and put in a good word for you.  How about no?

5.  Cool Site of the Week: — For writers who don’t want to drop $20-$30 every year for The Writer’s Market.  This site offers writers a free subscription that lets them post where they submit, who publishes their work, how long it took to get a response, how much they pay (if any), and more.  Plus, it has lists of the most selective publications, the fastest response time, the slowest response time, and the highest acceptance percentage.


2 thoughts on “Five Things for Friday, June 1st

Add yours

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I enjoyed this post because of the random act of kindness you wrote about. I love when things like that happen and try to live that way too but am not always successful. And is a terrific site. When I finally make money with my writing I plan on donating to them for the excellent service they provide. Thanks again!


  2. Hi Sherrie,
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ve been looking for fellow writer bloggers to follow, and you and I are in similar situations — writers who also work as Library Assistants.

    And yes, I was relieved to see the woman let the older gentleman have her spot in line. He had been waiting the whole time for his prescription, but the pharmacy tech was going to make him wait even more by making him go to the back of the line. It was really ridiculous. I don’t think any of us in line minded him going first.


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