Dusting Off the Soapbox

Dear Romney-Voting Facebook Friends,

I’m going to be diligent here about not lumping you all together — something some of you are not doing on Facebook.

I’m not an idiot. I’m not a sheep. I’m not a moron. I’m not ignorant. I did my research before voting yesterday — including the local candidates — to see who was going to get my vote. You see, some of us have a different opinion; therefore, we supported a different candidate, and that candidate won a second term.

Some of you have resorted to name calling — assuming that all of us are blindly following a pied piper to our death — and perhaps some who voted for Obama did so because they thought he was cool and didn’t have a broomstick up his butt like Romney. And those people are idiots for not doing their election homework. But you know what? For every one of those voters in my group, there are those in your group who voted for Romney because they thought he was a better Christian or maybe (Yes, I’m going to say it.) because he was white.

I’m not going into the reasons I voted for Obama because I don’t have a ladder high enough to reach the soap box I’d need for that explanation. And I’m not turning this into why you voted for Romney. Frankly, I don’t care; it’s your business, not mine. What I do care about is people whom I’ve considered friends including me in their name calling. I don’t appreciate it. At. All. And I would delete the few of you off my friends list, but that makes me look as petty as your lashing out.

So I’ll keep you on my list and let you roll your eyes about my little rant here — because I do the same thing when I see you call me and all my fellow Obama voters a flock of sheep.

Your friend (for now),


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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