Friday Fictioneers 2013: Week Two

copyright-roger-cohenThe Audition

(Mainstream/literary fiction)

“I didn’t know Goodwill sold instruments,” Josh said and snickered as he wiped down his bass.

The girl ignored him.

“You have some wicked dings in it,” Josh said.

She leaned the bass away from his outstretched hand, “I’d rather you not touch it.”

The girl made her way to the front chair and draped herself around the bass’s exterior. Her left fingers blurred as her right hand glided like a feather on the wind. For two minutes, Josh marveled at how instead of her playing the bass, the instrument played her.

He knew he would miss first chair again this year.

(According to WordPress’ word count, it’s 100 exactly!)


24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers 2013: Week Two

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  1. No thoughts; it’s my day off. πŸ™‚ (Just letting you know I was reading everything.) I agree with the already-expressed sentiments regarding Josh and his behavior. Thanks for helping him get his.


  2. If I didn’t reply to your comment personally, I apologize. I appreciate all the feedback and the time you took to stop by and check it out! I always visit commenters sites, so I’ll be dropping by your place soon!


  3. love the ending. but when “the instrument played her,” that almost seems like she was less talented than she actually was. consider somehow saying “she and the instrument became one.” or something like that. well done.


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