Five Things for Friday, June 14th: Five Problems with Pinterest

My Pinterest Boards
My Pinterest Boards

A couple of weeks ago, I posted five things I love about Pinterest, and then promptly forgot to come talk about things that drive me crazy about the site. Perhaps I should discuss how I use Pinterest. I visit it maybe once a day to see what other people post, I might pin a couple of things I find interesting. Sometimes I search for recipes, or I’ll search the intarwebs for something and then post a few things (just a few!) to a board so that I don’t forget them. I find that part of the process super sweet.

Then crap like this happens…

1 — I know who wastes spends their entire day on Pinterest. Seriously, I’ll scroll down and see dozens of pins by the same person all pinned to the same board — screen after screen of wild animals or sleeping puppies or red-headed celebrities. Better yet, pins will change in category all ADHD-like: two dozen pins of beach photos followed by three dozen adorable baby poses followed by two dozen funny SomeEcard sayings. From one person. Come on, y’all, step away from the computer.

2 — Feeling inferior because there’s no way I can create that lampshade, pillow, sweater or whatever other creation Ms. Artsy McCraftypants decided to show off. Y’all know I can’t do that shit. Quit flaunting my failures in my face!

3 — Pins that don’t work. I see this pin for a dish that looks amazing, but I click on it and it (a) takes me to a site that’s no longer valid or (b) takes me to the site but not the specific page, so I gotta go find a bay leaf in a huge pot of soup.

4 — Pins for the future. Congratulations on your new baby! Wait, you’re already pinning stuff for when she starts kindergarten? (face-meets-palm) Pinterest may not even be around that long.

5 — Seeing the same pin over and over. Hey look it’s that freakin’ recipe for Comeback Sauce in that damn Mason jar. Or there’s that pic of Jessica Biel and her ombre highlights. Trillions upon trillions of web pages, and we still come back (pardon the pun) to this.

(Disclaimer: This week’s Five Things was written under the influence of a strong Firefly vodka cocktail and a raging PMS month. Apologies to any offended Pinterest users.)


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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