Because I So Rarely Get One Over on Him

Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work…

Him: So they’ve discovered a new element.

Me: They did?

Him: Yeah, it’s called Element 115.

Me: Ah

Him: It’s the heaviest element on Earth.

Me: Really?

Him: Uranium used to be the heaviest. It’s got 92 protons around its nucleus. This one has 115.

Me: Oh…

Him: Well, to give you an idea? Lead and gold have 82 and 79 protons, so this one has almost 50% more.

Light bulb pops on in my head. I’m surprised he didn’t hear it.

Me: So which weights more, an ounce of gold or an ounce of Element 115?

Him: An ounce of Element 115… (pause as he looks at my shit-eating grin) What?

Me: No, they’re both an ounce.

Him: Oh whatever… I should have known. YOU asking a question about SCIENCE.

Me: Hey, I’ve gotta take my chances to get you when I can.


Thoughts, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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