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Me trying to look sassy (Image credit: http://www.indigomoonsc.com)

Welcome to Sappy Chick’s Ramblings.  I’m Carla, the Sappy Chick in question.  I took the moniker nine years ago when I started this site because two people I knew (my husband and a coworker) both referred to my music as “sappy chick music.”  Even though not all of my music can be classified with those terms, I embraced the joke and created the persona for my Web presence.

I was born and raised and still live in Greenville, South Carolina.  I drifted a little south for college, graduating from Columbia College (a women’s college in Columbia, South Carolina) in 1994 with a degree in English with a writing emphasis, which basically means I took almost every literature and writing class they offered.  I was editor of the literary magazine for two years, and I was one of the co-chairpersons of my class’ Follies production for three years.

After graduating, I thought I wanted a master’s in English, so I traveled a little north to Rock Hill to go to Winthrop University, but I spent a year juggling two jobs, four classes, and a lame-ass boyfriend — and tried to deal with what I would realize later was the early stages of depression.  Finally, my mom suggested, “Why don’t you just come home?” So I struck a match, burned some bridges, and moved back to the Upstate.

I spent the next 13 years working for a desktop publishing assembly line — writing articles and formatting newsletters.  Sometimes I enjoyed my work; sometimes I didn’t.  I started this blog in 2005 during one of those times when I was particularly disgruntled.  Mainly, I liked the people with whom I worked, but in March 2008, our parent company informed us that the business had been sold to a competitor in Kansas City.  Since relocation was not an option, the doors closed in June 2008, and I spent ten months on unemployment.

I’ve been married for 16 years to Danny. He hates having his picture taken, and he’s paranoid of the Intarwebs. We have a four-legged son: our 9-year-old flame-point Siamese mix named Loki.

Cinlach the Geek Husband

Loki the Bread Thief

In August 2014, we lost our first-born fur baby: our 13-year-old collie/shepherd mix, Domino. She will always be our sweetest girl.


Domino: December 25, 2000-July 28, 2014 Never forgotten… Forever loved

You’ll find a cornucopia of material on this site.  At any given time it could be a journal, a soap box, or a rough draft of something I’m working on.  But hopefully, you’ll find something you kinda like enough to come back.

Thanks for stopping by… Nice to meet you.

10 thoughts on “About Sappy Chick

    • Yes! I saw the link on Facebook to Dr. Tuten’s post. (Yes, twenty years later and I still refer to professors as Dr. Lastname.) I loved all my professors in the English department at CC, so I was excited to read her post and learn that she has a blog!


  1. Sologal

    Just came across your Blog and could really identify with the southern camp in the woods- on camping. Camp Don Lee- Arapahoe, NC. However, I have grown a lifelong habit of camping, but actually prefer my tent to those skanky church camp cabins. I too have battled with depression for many years. Keep talking about it openly, it really helps


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