Spring Buds


I think I always post a photo like this somewhere on my social media every year. I can’t help it. I’m always so frakkin’ ready to see winter go. I can’t imagine how much anticipation is up north.

I tried to wait until we had some actual sun, but since that won’t happen for three more days, I got impatient and posted. 

The word you’re looking for is ‘Rotten’


I’m sending this pic to Webster’s to go beside the word in their next dictionary edition.


The Breakfast Routine


photo (2)Two mornings a week I don’t go in to work until noon. On the other three mornings, it ranges from 7:30 to 9:00, depending on the day, the schedule, the position of the sun, the stock market in Japan, or whether I’m wearing socks. Seriously, some Nobel Prize mathematician would have to come up with a chalkboard-sized formula to correctly predict my schedule.

But on my early mornings, when I get to the office I have my breakfast preparation process for my bagel and coffee in the staff break room. I have my coffee cup, my butter, cream cheese, my own coffee creamer all splayed out on the counter next to the microwave. On many of these mornings, I encounter D from our marketing department.

This morning he remarked on my routine and how meticulous I am. “I’m jealous of what you’ve got going on here with your routine and all. I wish I could keep something up like that,” he said.

“Because it’s food,” I said.

Second-Choice Saturday Snuggle


Snuggle Saturday copy


A little more than seven years ago, this cream-colored, flame-point, blue-eyed cat scampered out of a bush and up The Husband’s leg. When The Husband is home, this guy is never far from him, but when I’m the only human in the house, he supposes I’ll have to do. Hashtag: chopped liver

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon


From The Daily Post


Two years ago, we went to North Myrtle (Beach, for those uninitiated with South Carolina cities) to see one of The Husband’s all-time favorite bands. We also ended up seeing the southern side of Hurricane Irene as she headed up to the Outer Banks. But on that Sunday morning (the day we were leaving, of course), the weather was gorgeous, and I actually set the alarm so I could see the sun rise over the Atlantic.

So I caught  my all-time favorite beach photo. Missed sleep well spent.

This Time of Year


Door photos

Domino and Loki love the times of year when it’s warm/cool enough to open the sliding glass door and they can lounge while looking over the land that they both believe they rule. Unfortunately, their barely tolerable relationship is tested even further by the fact that they have to share this small patch of carpet.

Many more of these fur-flying disputes and I’m gonna have to create a schedule to post on the refrigerator denoting when they can have time at the door.

Luckily, It’s October



…because it’d really suck if I got this in January.