The Occasional Writer Part 3: Cult of (Split) Personalities

Previously on The Occasional Writer, I told you how in her book Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande talks about writers having a creative genius side and a workman/critic side, and writers must train themselves so that the two sides cohabitate harmoniously. Hearing someone encourage you to develop split personalities sounds weird. I know it's not... Continue Reading →


The Occasional Writer, Part 2: There Will Be Setbacks

A couple of months ago, I diagnosed myself as The Occasional Writer — then proceeded to relapse back into those occasional habits. But I still believe I'm on the backside of those struggles. My buddy Dorothea said in Becoming a Writer that once I've "begun to see what it is to be a writer, after... Continue Reading →

The Occasional Writer

As part of my quest to live up to my 2013 word, finish, I did a sort of self-diagnosis. The good news is my problem is not life-threatening  (probably only because I didn't check WebMD). The bad news is I've probably gone about this writing stuff the wrong way. According to Dorothea Brande, anyway. In... Continue Reading →

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