What would we have done if we had only eight fingers instead of ten? Would we have lost eight and nine and gone straight from seven to ten? How would we have marked significant milestones that we now note in terms of fives and tens? These are the questions that popped in my head with so... Continue Reading →


I think I always post a photo like this somewhere on my social media every year. I can't help it. I'm always so frakkin' ready to see winter go. I can't imagine how much anticipation is up north.I tried to wait until we had some actual sun, but since that won't happen for three more... Continue Reading →

Facebook Can Kiss My Ass

No, I'm not rage-quitting Facebook, but I am boycotting the whole "It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it." thing that keeps popping up on my feed. All apologies to anyone who has had a good year and created their own and shared it, but I just don't care to relive... Continue Reading →

Because I Forgot to Get a Card

To the woman who packs a week early for a two-night Thanksgiving stay… To the woman who is a breast cancer survivor… To the woman who just cannot get enough Gaither videos or The Waltons episodes… To the woman who found a way to carry on after her husband's passing more than 27 years ago… To... Continue Reading →

I'm sending this pic to Webster's to go beside the word in their next dictionary edition.

My Blog’s New Tagline

Tonight's dinner conversation… (Upon hearing that I lost out on a job a couple of years ago because they Googled me and found this blog) Jill:  WHAT?! It's not like you bitch about work on your blog! You're Sappy Chick! You're all kittens and puppies and shit!

Saturdays with Nanny

Nanny: The reunion is the second Sunday in October. Mom: So it's next Sunday. Nanny: No it's the second Sunday. Mom: But tomorrow is the first Sunday so next Sunday is the reunion. Nanny: Well, it's not Sunday yet. Tomorrow is the next Sunday.

Got a blogging contributor gig. Wanna hear about it? Goes something like this: Drumroll, Please!.


Before walking became a "cool" exercise, my parents were all about going walking. I remember summer evenings marching around our huge back yard with Mom, Dad, and my brother for several laps multiple days every week. One evening my brother wanted to race from the very back of the yard to the back of the... Continue Reading →

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