Two Years

In high school and college, I spent hours honing my ability to craft good introductions for my papers. I love finding the perfect first line for anything — essay, article, short story, blog post. However, I have found no good way to introduce the fact that Dad died two years ago today. You try to... Continue Reading →


Who Am I and What Have I Done with Myself?

I've talked before about struggles with my weight. I was pudgy as a child — "pleasantly plump," if you will — and the mild teasing and occasional ostracism as a young person led to issues that I believe kept me from losing the weight for good because I felt like if I lost the weight I... Continue Reading →

Stream of Consciousness at Its Finest

I had a shitty day on Tuesday. Actually two out of the three days this week have been shit days, and last night my mind raced and raced — unable to settle on anything. From a writing blog I follow, I've learned a technique of channeling those scattered, frantic thoughts into writing, so I picked... Continue Reading →

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