What would we have done if we had only eight fingers instead of ten? Would we have lost eight and nine and gone straight from seven to ten? How would we have marked significant milestones that we now note in terms of fives and tens? These are the questions that popped in my head with so... Continue Reading →


Because I Forgot to Get a Card

To the woman who packs a week early for a two-night Thanksgiving stay… To the woman who is a breast cancer survivor… To the woman who just cannot get enough Gaither videos or The Waltons episodes… To the woman who found a way to carry on after her husband's passing more than 27 years ago… To... Continue Reading →

The Mother’s Day Birthday

Every five or six years, my birthday falls on Mother's Day. I was actually born on Friday, May 12, 1972, and back in those days — just after the invention of the light bulb but before epidurals became common practice — hospitals kept patients longer than a minute, so my mom was still in the... Continue Reading →

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