Two Years

In high school and college, I spent hours honing my ability to craft good introductions for my papers. I love finding the perfect first line for anything — essay, article, short story, blog post. However, I have found no good way to introduce the fact that Dad died two years ago today. You try to... Continue Reading →



Before walking became a "cool" exercise, my parents were all about going walking. I remember summer evenings marching around our huge back yard with Mom, Dad, and my brother for several laps multiple days every week. One evening my brother wanted to race from the very back of the yard to the back of the... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to the First-Born Fur Baby

She was born on Christmas Day 2000, one of six puppies from Momma Dog's second litter. When the first litter was born six months earlier, The Husband and I lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets, so we told his youngest brother (main caretaker of the dogs) that if she had another litter and... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt: Fireworks (Mainstream Fiction)

Nana described first seeing Papa at the town's Independence Day celebration as he held a lit Roman candle shooting bursts of color into the night sky. "He had these dark curls that just shined every time something was set off," she used to say, "and every different color that went up in the air lit... Continue Reading →

To My Fifteen-Year-Old Self

In honor of International Day of the Girl, CNN asked a dozen or so powerful, popular, impressive women what advice they would give their fifteen-year-old selves. Since a quarter of a century has passed since I turned fifteen (moment of silence to let me regain my composure on that one -- scratch that; I'll be... Continue Reading →

For Carmen

I have a list of topics that I've meant to write about since last year. Every once in a while I hear them call out to me in my mother's voice, "Have you done this yet?" And I have to sigh, roll my eyes, and say, "No." It's not that the topics or the writing... Continue Reading →

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