Who Am I and What Have I Done with Myself?


I’ve talked before about struggles with my weight. I was pudgy as a child — “pleasantly plump,” if you will — and the mild teasing and occasional ostracism as a young person led to issues that I believe kept me from losing the weight for good because I felt like if I lost the weight I was giving in to their negativity.

For the record, let me just say again that accusing overweight people as lazy lumps who need to “put down the chicken leg and get off their ass” is not the way to motivate someone to lose weight. One of the worst statements I’ve heard is, “There’s no excuse for someone to be overweight.”

I’ve stood up on the soap box about that issue before (see link in first line), and I can say that for me, the negative experiences I had as a kid regarding my weight created a rebellion in my mind and made me want to eat what I wanted. These incidents didn’t happen daily for years and years, but it didn’t take long for the damage to settle in my subconscious.

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Before the Back-to-School Fundraisers Start


Because within the next couple of weeks (if it hasn’t happened already) you’re going to be inundated with flyers selling candy, cookies, holiday wrapping paper, and God knows what else, I’d like to take this moment to ask you to donate to either (or both!) of my causes.

In September, I’ll be walking in the local Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes in memory of my friend Rhonda, who died at age 32 from complications from Type I diabetes. Then in October, I’ve signed up to participate in the Light the Night walk for the local leukemia/lymphoma organization in honor of my dad who was just diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma.

In the column to the right, you’ll see the logos for the events. Simply click on the logo, and you’ll go directly to my donation page. I appreciate anything you can donate to the cause!