Sappy Chick Loses Weight Part 2: Keto Boogaloo

"Starting over means you haven't yet given up." Ever since almost dying a year ago, I've tried in earnest to get back to the routine that helped me lose 40 pounds three years ago. I've had flashes of inspiration, but a nagging lack of motivation that has piled all that weight plus some back on,... Continue Reading →


Two mornings a week I don't go in to work until noon. On the other three mornings, it ranges from 7:30 to 9:00, depending on the day, the schedule, the position of the sun, the stock market in Japan, or whether I'm wearing socks. Seriously, some Nobel Prize mathematician would have to come up with... Continue Reading →

Pleasantly Plump

"I think Carla is a good friend," Surrena said, patting my leg. I gave a timid smile at her thoughtfulness... and then she continued, "And she's not fat; she's pleasantly plump." My fourth-grade classmates giggled and guffawed at her unintentionally backhanded compliment. Mrs. Nesmith had meant well — sitting us all in a circle and... Continue Reading →

Friday High-Five

Today's Friday High-Five goes to the dude letting his dog take a dump on the grassy knoll in front of Fuddruckers on Woodruff Road. Yes, you, sir, the dude who wouldn't hide your dog's doodoo behind the restaurant. Nope, that's not good enough. Nevermind the fact that there are nine — NINE — restaurants within... Continue Reading →

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