Before walking became a "cool" exercise, my parents were all about going walking. I remember summer evenings marching around our huge back yard with Mom, Dad, and my brother for several laps multiple days every week. One evening my brother wanted to race from the very back of the yard to the back of the... Continue Reading →


Marco Polo and Cancer Can Bite Me

Until I was around 14 or so, my family and my dad's sister's family (including her parents-in-law) went to North Myrtle Beach together during the third week of July every summer. When they were in high school, my older cousins each brought a friend as well, so I remember several years when there were 13... Continue Reading →

Before and After

Inevitably, we all divide our lives into time periods — when we were in school and when we were out of school, or our single years and our married years, or before we became parents and after we became parents. The Husband refers to his single years as "BC", Before Carla. I refer to mine... Continue Reading →

Whew, dodged that bullet! Hey, is that a bazooka?

You didn't think I had stopped looking for the combat boot, did you? I explained all that. I'm no rookie. Six weeks after Mom's surgery and our collective sighs of relief that she did not have ovarian cancer, Dad has now been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Some of you may know there is no surgery... Continue Reading →

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