The Woman Who Came Back to Life

I've had this fear of being in a car accident and waking up days later in the hospital with no memory what happened other than getting out of bed the morning it happened. How weird would that feel? Would I be scared or relieved that I couldn't remember the harrowing events of a wreck that... Continue Reading →


Grocery Shopping

Him: What's the ricotta for? Me: I'm going to make pasta-less lasagna with zucchini instead of noodles. Him: Pasta-less lasagna? That's like God-less religion.

Patient Zero

Today on the way to lunch: Me:  So I told Mom I was going to skip tomorrow. Him:  What's tomorrow? Me:  I was going to go with Mom to take Nanny out to lunch, but I just can't say that I'm completely passed this cold. I just don't want to risk spreading germs that can... Continue Reading →

Because I So Rarely Get One Over on Him

Yesterday morning, while getting ready for work... Him: So they've discovered a new element. Me: They did? Him: Yeah, it's called Element 115. Me: Ah Him: It's the heaviest element on Earth. Me: Really? Him: Uranium used to be the heaviest. It's got 92 protons around its nucleus. This one has 115. Me: Oh... Him: Well, to give you an idea? Lead... Continue Reading →

2012 in Review

A cold, rainy day here in Upstate SC provided the perfect opportunity for me to look back on my 2012. All in all, it wasn't as eventful as 2011 but not nearly as sucky as 2010 — or 2008 for that matter — but I find myself comparing years to 2002. For some reason I... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk After 13 Years

It doesn't happen every day, but every once in a while, I get a zinger in... A couple of weeks ago, after turning out the lights to go to bed but continuing to playfully argue back and forth about shutting up and going to sleep, Cinlach proceeded to let out a loud fart. HIM:  Ha... Continue Reading →

Why I Don’t Like Volunteering to Drive

Sunday, 9:45 am Me: You want me to drive or do you want to? Him: It doesn't matter. Me: Okay, I'll drive. Him: Vagina rock it is. Me: It's not all chick music. Him: You're listening to WVAG... Vagina rock, all day every day... Me: Shut up... Him (switching to deep gravely announcer-esque voice): Sara... Continue Reading →

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