Sunday Selfie: 1985-86 Edition

Kids, many years before selfie became the word of the year and got added to the Oxford dictionary1, before smart phones, before cell phones with cameras, almost before cell phones themselves, if we "old folks" wanted to take a photo of ourselves (a self-portrait, if you will) we had to turn the camera toward us... Continue Reading →


Why Do I Write?

I've seen this question going around the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks, and then a survey I took for a writing website I subscribe to inquired about my reasons as the lead-off question. That's just a deep question to put on a survey in my opinion. I had to answer the other questions... Continue Reading →

Four Decades

I turned 40 almost a year ago. That's right; I'm almost 41 — less than two weeks away as a matter of fact. It still feels weird to say and see in type — not because I necessarily feel old. Although I sometimes do… like when I heard one of my coworkers say she graduated... Continue Reading →

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