Facebook Can Kiss My Ass

No, I'm not rage-quitting Facebook, but I am boycotting the whole "It's been a great year! Thanks for being a part of it." thing that keeps popping up on my feed. All apologies to anyone who has had a good year and created their own and shared it, but I just don't care to relive... Continue Reading →


I'm sending this pic to Webster's to go beside the word in their next dictionary edition.

A Farewell to the First-Born Fur Baby

She was born on Christmas Day 2000, one of six puppies from Momma Dog's second litter. When the first litter was born six months earlier, The Husband and I lived in an apartment that didn't allow pets, so we told his youngest brother (main caretaker of the dogs) that if she had another litter and... Continue Reading →

  A little more than seven years ago, this cream-colored, flame-point, blue-eyed cat scampered out of a bush and up The Husband's leg. When The Husband is home, this guy is never far from him, but when I'm the only human in the house, he supposes I'll have to do. Hashtag: chopped liver

This Time of Year

Domino and Loki love the times of year when it's warm/cool enough to open the sliding glass door and they can lounge while looking over the land that they both believe they rule. Unfortunately, their barely tolerable relationship is tested even further by the fact that they have to share this small patch of carpet.... Continue Reading →

When The Husband’s Away

Mom? Mom? Dad's not here. Are you up? Wake up... No, actually, I don't know what an alarm clock is.

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