Hold the Hoity-Toity Accusations

I don't think I've ever tried to pretend to be something I'm not or considered myself above anyone. I grew up in a textbook middle-class family in the '70s and '80s in our one-story, brick, ranch-style house. My brother and I weren't handed everything, but we had more than our parents — the son of... Continue Reading →


The Occasional Writer

As part of my quest to live up to my 2013 word, finish, I did a sort of self-diagnosis. The good news is my problem is not life-threatening  (probably only because I didn't check WebMD). The bad news is I've probably gone about this writing stuff the wrong way. According to Dorothea Brande, anyway. In... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers 2013: Week Two

The Audition (Mainstream/literary fiction) "I didn't know Goodwill sold instruments," Josh said and snickered as he wiped down his bass. The girl ignored him. "You have some wicked dings in it," Josh said. She leaned the bass away from his outstretched hand, "I'd rather you not touch it." The girl made her way to the... Continue Reading →

Pleasantly Plump

"I think Carla is a good friend," Surrena said, patting my leg. I gave a timid smile at her thoughtfulness... and then she continued, "And she's not fat; she's pleasantly plump." My fourth-grade classmates giggled and guffawed at her unintentionally backhanded compliment. Mrs. Nesmith had meant well — sitting us all in a circle and... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Writing Prompt: Innuendo

From Sarah Selecky: "Write a scene that uses the following piece of dialogue — 'What will you do without it?'" "What will you do without it?" "Survive." "But you're gonna have some serious withdrawals. I mean, I know dudes who've gone without it for a long time and just start jones-ing for it so bad... Continue Reading →

Photo Prompt: Fireworks (Mainstream Fiction)

Nana described first seeing Papa at the town's Independence Day celebration as he held a lit Roman candle shooting bursts of color into the night sky. "He had these dark curls that just shined every time something was set off," she used to say, "and every different color that went up in the air lit... Continue Reading →

Dialogue Writing Prompt

I get daily writing prompts from Sarah Selecky, and I've decided that I'll post my results from said prompts — ones that I feel won't lead to anything longer. Yesterday's prompt was to write a scene of dialogue with this opening line: "It could be coming from the ground." I'm all about dialogue — love... Continue Reading →

The R Word

Today's topic from the Daily Post was to name a resolution I actually kept. My immediate thought was, "All year?" Because the answer to that is just me laughing hysterically. I think the longest I've gone with a New Year's resolution is four months. I know I'm not the only one who's never kept a... Continue Reading →

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