Not Quite What Hemmingway Had in Mind

Like Halloween costumes, there are other holiday traditions that I have shunned because past experiences left me scarred enough for me to avoid participating yet not traumatized enough to bring up in therapy (yet), and the White Elephant Gift Party is one of those traditions. Some sick, twisted sociopath had to have come up with... Continue Reading →


For a Man I Never Knew

Tonight, there's a memorial being held for a man who killed himself in the parking lot of a church this past Sunday morning. I suppose if he had been a man of little notoriety, the situation might not have made such a splash in the media. As it happened though, the man was a social... Continue Reading →

Writing Exercise: Nature

A few weeks ago, I went to another Emrys writing workshop to get more practice in writing about nature. It was a warm, breezy, beautiful afternoon, and that made going outside for our inspiration all the more pleasant. The area behind the community center where we have our workshops is well shaded and covered with... Continue Reading →

Writing Exercise: Early Memories of Food

As part of my commitment to focus on my writing this year, I've taken a couple of afternoon writing classes sponsored by the Emrys Foundation in Greenville. With my focus on the Biggest Loser contest at the gym early this year, I didn't have the time or money to take one of the longer workshop... Continue Reading →

Have Your Cheesecake and Eat It, Too

Here's an idea for a sweet treat that I came up with for my Biggest Loser contest. Take a box of sugar-free, fat-free Jell-O cheesecake pudding. Prepare according to directions. Let chill five minutes for the soft set. Take five 1/2 cup Gladware plastic containers and three to four 100-calorie packs of Sandies cookies. Place... Continue Reading →

Conversations with Mom

Thursday evening around 9:00 pm: I call Mom after my training workout. Phone rings. Mom: Hey... What are you doing? Me: Dying... Yesterday around noon: I dial Mom's number after coming home from doing 35 minutes on the treadmill and an hour-long "Strengthen and Core" class. Phone rings. Mom: And how are we doing today?... Continue Reading →

15 Movies

I found this that I never put on my Facebook page, so thanks for the blog topic! This was one of those memes running rampant around the social media sites a few months ago: choose 15 movies that will always stick with you. Here they are in no particular order (because that's just too much... Continue Reading →

Why I Can’t Buy Any More Books

For someone who likes to think of herself as a writer, I am slack about reading at times. Here's the proof: the books currently waiting to be read. 1 - Secret Keepers by Mindy Friddle 2 - The Stand by Stephen King 3 - Blessings by Anna Quindlen 4 - The Plunder Room by John... Continue Reading →

Monthly Flashback

I’ve decided to dedicate a post a month to photo flashbacks. This one was taken around 1989 or 1990, and I chose it because this past Tuesday (the 18th) was the 11th anniversary of Rhonda’s death due to complications from juvenile onset diabetes. She is the one on the right of the photo, sitting in... Continue Reading →

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