Four Decades

I turned 40 almost a year ago. That's right; I'm almost 41 — less than two weeks away as a matter of fact. It still feels weird to say and see in type — not because I necessarily feel old. Although I sometimes do… like when I heard one of my coworkers say she graduated... Continue Reading →


To My Fifteen-Year-Old Self

In honor of International Day of the Girl, CNN asked a dozen or so powerful, popular, impressive women what advice they would give their fifteen-year-old selves. Since a quarter of a century has passed since I turned fifteen (moment of silence to let me regain my composure on that one -- scratch that; I'll be... Continue Reading →

For Carmen

I have a list of topics that I've meant to write about since last year. Every once in a while I hear them call out to me in my mother's voice, "Have you done this yet?" And I have to sigh, roll my eyes, and say, "No." It's not that the topics or the writing... Continue Reading →

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