I think I always post a photo like this somewhere on my social media every year. I can't help it. I'm always so frakkin' ready to see winter go. I can't imagine how much anticipation is up north.I tried to wait until we had some actual sun, but since that won't happen for three more... Continue Reading →


This Time of Year

Domino and Loki love the times of year when it's warm/cool enough to open the sliding glass door and they can lounge while looking over the land that they both believe they rule. Unfortunately, their barely tolerable relationship is tested even further by the fact that they have to share this small patch of carpet.... Continue Reading →

Weekend Weather

The weekend got off to a rocky start with me being trapped in my car for ten minutes in the Publix parking lot while Mother Nature whipped up another deluge of rain. But we woke up to mid-60s on Saturday morning with a cool breeze, perfect weather for hanging out on my aunt and uncle's... Continue Reading →

Dear Mother Nature

I'm not calling this an intervention because those usually involve a bunch of friends and family and some sort of professional counselor to mediate, and frankly, I couldn't pull all that together on short notice. Plus, are you actually related to anyone? Is Father Time your husband? I could go the How I Met Your... Continue Reading →

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