What would we have done if we had only eight fingers instead of ten? Would we have lost eight and nine and gone straight from seven to ten? How would we have marked significant milestones that we now note in terms of fives and tens? These are the questions that popped in my head with so... Continue Reading →


The Self-Pity Party Pooper

Last Friday I threw myself a little self-pity party out of frustration over my inability to finish writing something I deem worthwhile. Fueled by pepperoni pizza and a couple of bottles of Woodchuck hard cider, I rattled off several paragraphs of grumbling that I planned on posting so that you, too, could party with me... Continue Reading →

The Occasional Writer Part 3: Cult of (Split) Personalities

Previously on The Occasional Writer, I told you how in her book Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande talks about writers having a creative genius side and a workman/critic side, and writers must train themselves so that the two sides cohabitate harmoniously. Hearing someone encourage you to develop split personalities sounds weird. I know it's not... Continue Reading →

Stream of Consciousness at Its Finest

I had a shitty day on Tuesday. Actually two out of the three days this week have been shit days, and last night my mind raced and raced — unable to settle on anything. From a writing blog I follow, I've learned a technique of channeling those scattered, frantic thoughts into writing, so I picked... Continue Reading →

Why Do I Write?

I've seen this question going around the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks, and then a survey I took for a writing website I subscribe to inquired about my reasons as the lead-off question. That's just a deep question to put on a survey in my opinion. I had to answer the other questions... Continue Reading →

Four Decades

I turned 40 almost a year ago. That's right; I'm almost 41 — less than two weeks away as a matter of fact. It still feels weird to say and see in type — not because I necessarily feel old. Although I sometimes do… like when I heard one of my coworkers say she graduated... Continue Reading →

The Occasional Writer, Part 2: There Will Be Setbacks

A couple of months ago, I diagnosed myself as The Occasional Writer — then proceeded to relapse back into those occasional habits. But I still believe I'm on the backside of those struggles. My buddy Dorothea said in Becoming a Writer that once I've "begun to see what it is to be a writer, after... Continue Reading →

The Craft-Challenged Sappy Chick

Somewhere I read an article about how bloggers shouldn't address posting absences because that only magnifies the fact that they sometimes go long periods of time without posting. Whatever... I got a little sidetracked. It happens. But I'm here now, and that's what matters, right? I got sidetracked getting some other things in order. Some... Continue Reading →

The Occasional Writer

As part of my quest to live up to my 2013 word, finish, I did a sort of self-diagnosis. The good news is my problem is not life-threatening  (probably only because I didn't check WebMD). The bad news is I've probably gone about this writing stuff the wrong way. According to Dorothea Brande, anyway. In... Continue Reading →

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